The Dimitri

The dimitri is a zesty little plane. Unorthodox in it's construction, but recognizable in it's form, this little spit fire goes the distance. Capable of fast speed and accuracy, the Dmitiry will streak across the room.
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The Dmitri paperplane is a bit unorthodox in its structure. Before folding anything, it is important to recognize that this plane is based on diagonal fold lines, instead of horizontals or verticals. If it helps, map out these base folds first.
Start by folding the top left corner of your paper at a diagonal angle, until it directly lines up with the right edge of the sheet. The angle of this crease should also intersect perfectly with the bottom left corner of the sheet.
Next, fold the top right section of the paper over at an angle that is symmetrically identical to the fold in Step 2.

After this, fold back the flap that is hanging over the left side of the paper. Simply crease it along the left edge.
After the second fold in Step 3, another overhanging flap is formed, except this time on the right side. Fold this flap over the right edge of the full piece, so that everything fits snugly into a large triangular shape.
Finally, it’s time for a vertical fold! Simply fold the whole triangular shape in on itself, creasing it along what would be its center line (or the triangle’s vertical “altitude” in geometric terms).
The last step is to fold each wing downward, so that the entire top edge aligns with the bottom crease of the plane.
Now, pat yourself on the back because you just folded the big, bad Dimitri. Happy flying!